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Saturday 27 June 2015

30 days Wild - Day 26 - Meet some of the neighbours

I'm very lucky where I live because my house is surrounded by woodland and farmland so I get many visitors in my garden and around my house.
We have badgers come right up under the windows, deers in the front garden. Tawny owls and Barn owls in the back garden as well as lots of garden birds and some of the farmland birds such as Yellow hammers and Linnets.
At the moment we have 5 nests in the garden.

 Here are a few of my neighbours that were around today.

The Wrens have had young that have fledged, they hop along the fence and from tree to tree.

The local Great Spotted Woodpecker pays our bird feeder a visit every day for peanuts.

 This time of year birds need water due to the heat.

New types of Butterflies have appeared, such as the Marbled White that loves to feed on the thistle flowers.

 H3 is a female Buzzard that was ringed in Surrey over two years ago. You can see the green ring on her leg. She has a mate and I hope they have bred this year. Both birds are around most days. If they have just fed I can get quite close to them.

This Deer was separated from its friend for a couple of days but now they are back, in the field next door, together. 

Sheltering from the sun, in the shade under the tree

The Pigeons have had another brood of chicks, finger crossed they don't get eaten like the last two.

The Blackbirds have had their second brood in the same nest. All 5 fledged from the first brood.

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