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Thursday 23 July 2015

Otmoor, looking for a Hobby

Sunday afternoon we went for a walk around Otmoor  as a few Hobby's have been sighted there and I have never seen one.
Unfortunately I still didn't get to see a Hobby, but there were huge amount of dragonflies everywhere, from the small Damselflies through to some massive dragonflies that sadly I didn't  manage to get a photo of because they didn't settle on anything.

Common darter

We sat at one of the hides for a while and saw Shovler ducks, Egrets, Coots, Geese and Cormorants.
At one stage we saw a bird of prey fly over which was the size of a Buzzard. I took a photo hoping it would be a Marsh Harrier, but the photo wasn't very clear so I can't be sure.

 This Meadow grasshopper landed to the window of the hide

There were a couple of flocks of Long tailed tits on the path back to the car park. They were busy eating seeds and always stayed a few metres ahead of us.

Common darter


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