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Tuesday 4 August 2015

A quick walk around the field and flying ants

After tea this evening we went on a quick walk around the field. I am always amazed at how much wildlife can be seen.
The local farmer has spent the last couple of days cutting the wheat field and this evening 3 hares were out in the open.
In the hedgerow the birds hopped around before they settled down for the night and two deers stalked along the edge of the woods.
At the moment the most we see of the badgers is a rustle in the grass or a glimpse of dark grey running across an open patch.

The blackberries and elderberries are ripening, we ate a handful of blackberries on the way home.

Back in our garden the whole of the area around our bug hotel is moving with ants. The flying ants come out of the ground, climb to a high spot and take off in to the air.
When I tried to look up information on flying ants all I could find was articles about how to get rid of them, which I don't want to. They are only around for a few hours then all that is left is a pile of fine soil.

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