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Sunday 16 August 2015

A friendly seal in Devon

Each year we go to the same beach in Devon to see a couple of friendly seals.
Two years ago there was a huge bull seal nicknamed 'Sammy' by the local people who was very used to being hand fed and having people in the water with him. There was also a much younger, smaller seal that had a pale underbelly with dark spots.
Last year when we went to visit them both seals were around, but there were lots of people jumping off the end of the breakwater so the seals stayed well away from the shore.
This year the older, bigger seal was not around on the day we went down, although somebody on the beach did say that 3 seals are there most days.
The seal we went in the water with was the young, small one from two years ago although it is not so small any more.
We kept our distance from the seal and let him swim close to us if he wanted to. He was quite curious and came over to us, but then went back to the breakwater where he was being fed by the fishermen.
'Sammy's' main diet should be fish and crustaceans but unfortunately we watched him being fed chips and other takeaway food.

As the tide came in so did lots of Compass jellyfish (Chrysaora hysoscella). These jellyfish do sting, but we had full wetsuits and gloves on (and didn't get closer enough). Their diet is mainly plankton and they live to around one year.

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