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Saturday 29 August 2015

Bird Survey

My local wood group does quite a few surveys of the wood throughout the year.
They can be surveys on moths, bats, birds, fungi, butterflies and small mammals. 
I have been on quite a few of them and they are always really interesting to walk around the woods with an expert who can show you much more than you would ever see on your own.
This morning we went out on a bird survey with Simon and Ray.
The bird surveys are done a few times a year and they stop in several set places in the wood and record the birds in that area and then compare them to how it changes throughout the year.
During the survey we spotted
Blue tits
Great tits
Marsh Tits
Long tailed tits
Coal tits
Greater spotted Woodpecker
Green Woodpecker
Red Kite
Stoke Doves
Wood Pigeons
Tree creepers
Lots of Goldcrests
Also heard a Buzzard but didn't see one.
As well as lots of grey squirrels

Simon and Ray were brilliant at identifying not only the calls of different types of birds but the different types of calls, such as a contact call, and could tell which bird was around before I could even see a bird.

Green Woodpecker


 On the way out of the woods, I spotted a particular Roe deer that I haven't seen before with marking on its face.


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