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Sunday 26 January 2014

Puzzle of a rabbit up a tree

While out walking this morning we spotted a dead rabbit about 2 metres up a tree.

There were no obvious signs of damage other than a cut on it's ear.
It hadn't been shot.
It didn't have myxomatosis and it looked quite healthy.

It could have been put there by a person, it might have climbed or been chased up the tree or a bird of prey might have put it there.

The hazel catkins are out


  1. Hello Alex,
    I came across your wildlife blog as I was doing some research online. I live not far from you, in Long Wittenham, near Didcot. There are two dead rabbits up trees on the footpath next to my house. Like yours, there's no obvious sign of fatal trauma, but the fur is matted in the middle of both rabbits suggesting it has been in the mouth of a dog or such. Did you ever get to the bottom of your discovery? Anni (aged 35)

  2. Hi Anni,
    No we didn't find out what it could be. The rabbit was gone later that day.
    I had a few people suggest it might have been dropped by a bird of prey.
    I saw a buzzard carrying a baby rabbit last summer, that it then dropped when it saw me trying to take a photo
    of it.