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Sunday 26 May 2013

Last Night

Last night me, mum and my sister went badger watching, on the way up we saw baby rabbits.
When we got to the badger sett we climbed up into a tree, where they could not smell us. I was so excited but a little scared. We got surrounded by baby and grown ups, some fighting, some just wandering or digging. They make lots of different noises. One kept sitting and scratching like a dog, I think he must have had fleas.

We had to be very quite so we didn't scare them. After we had watched them for a while, we slowly left the sett so we didn't disturb them.

On the way back we heard tawny owls hooting. It was a very still night. We stood and watched the full moon rise over the trees, my mum used my sisters head as a tripod for her camera.

We also saw  two roe deer and a muntjac deer, we have lots of these deers around us. They sometimes come into our front garden.

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