Some of my favourite photos

Wednesday 29 May 2013


Another attempt at Scoobycam failed.
This time we attached the GoPro to Scooby's  harness but the film came out really wobbly. We will need to find another way.
Scooby cam - second try

Because it was raining all day we just took some photos of the birds around the garden.

 The Greenfinch has a nest in our fir trees. He eats seeds, insects and berries.
There are two Magpies, they came to our bird table to eat the seeds, they make lots of noise.
The Rook lives in a rookery across the road. They are very noisy in the mornings when they gather on the telephone cables before they go into the fields for the day.
Yesterday something dug up our front lawn. I think it was the rooks looking for insect larvae.

Question for today
What is your favourite bird?


  1. I have been told the holes in the front lawn could be a Badger as it has been seen in some other front gardens in our road.

  2. HI Alex, my favourite birds are long tail tits. They occasionally come to the bird feeders in the garden and seeing them always makes me smile.

  3. Alex, can you help? There is a bird we always see in the fields next to the cattle grids on the lane to the lock. It's black and white, with perhaps a bit of brown. It seems to dive bomb into the undergrowth. Most distinctly it makes a really funny noise, kind of kazoo type squeaky whistle? Any ideas? Thanks, SJ.

  4. That's my mum's favourite bird, it's a lapwing.