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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Evening walk - Badgers, mice and blackberries

On our evening walk we noticed that the first Blackberrys are out.

 In the wood there is a discarded piece of corrugrated metal, each time we lift it up we see a group of little bank voles (as pointed out by RB. Thank you)
I can see now that it is a bank vole as it has small ears..

We went to visit the badgers. It has been a few weeks since we have seen them. They have been busy digging new holes.

After the film stopped the badger went around the back and tried to scratch the camera off the tree. The badger was very interested in sniffing where my mum had been standing. A Badgers sense of smell is 700 times better than a humans .


  1. Wow Alex!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

  2. The 'wood mouse' under the corrugated sheet is a Bank Vole.

  3. Thank you. We looked in lots of books, but weren't sure.