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Monday 19 August 2013

The Burrowers

Did anyone see The Burrowers on TV?
 I watched it yesterday on the computer.
I liked the idea that they could see underground and that made me want to go and see my local Badger sett.

 We are very careful not to disturb the badgers and we sit up in a tree.
If we are every still and quiet the badgers don't notice us.
 The young badgers aren't as wary as the adults.
 They were very playful last night and made lots of noise.


  1. No, but it sounds good!!

  2. do you use flash Alex? If so, does it not surprise them?

  3. Yes, i do use the flash but my camera has a blue light that they don't seen to notice. They don't even look in our direction.
    Their eye sight isn't very good.