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Friday 17 October 2014

Badgers and Kestrel

On Monday I went to see Patrick Barkham at the Natural History Museum in Oxford. He was speaking about his book 'Badgerlands'.
It was interesting to listen to him talk about all the different people he met, who spend time watching or studying badgers.
Patrick Barkham spent time in Wytham woods, in Oxfordshire, where they study badgers and also in Cornwall with a lady who feeds badgers from her back door.
There were plenty of cute photos of baby badgers from Secret World.

After the talk I decided that since going back to school I haven't seen much of my local badgrs, so I left the trail camera out over night.

This Kestrel has been next to my house for a couple of weeks. When it rains it sits on one of the fence posts and as soon as the sun comes out it begins hunting again.

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