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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Walk around Thrupp Lake, Radley

I had a lovely walk around Thrupp lake. Radley with my friend Ben, and Jo Cartmell over the weekend
During the walk I took over a hundred photos of different birds, scenes and and other wildife.
The weather was warm with gusts of wind, the sun light tried it's hardest to peek through but only managed it a few times.
On the lake there was plenty of wildlife including Egyptian geese, a Shoverler duck, Mallard ducks, coots, swans and cormorants.

Water Lily

Eygptian goose and Cormorant.

Male Shoveler duck

Eygptian geese

Through some wire was a herd of Fallow deer.

We spent a while trying to work out who had made this hole, we decided on a rabbit in the end.

Black headed gull - winter plumage


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