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Sunday 9 February 2014

Buzzard V Rooks

It has stopped raining today, but it is very windy with sunshine and showers
There are several buzzards around us, but two regularly perch in the field next door. 
Across the road there is a large rookery.
The rooks from the rookery are very territorial with the buzzards and will send two rooks to chase the buzzards back over a certain line, once over the line the rooks turn back.

The buzzard was struggling to stay on the fence post in the wind

This buzzard was perched in the rooks territory

While out we could hear the peregrine falcon but couldn't see it.

There were about 30 yellowhammers on the ground and on the fencing

This one was blown off the fence by the wind

This tree came down over night

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  1. Hi Alex, I am currently undertaking a rookery survey of Oxfordshire and am enquiring whether you would be able to provide a count of the number of nests in the rookery to the west of Appleton (last year the nests were in two adjoining rows of trees). Also do you know of any other rookeries within the vicinity of Appleton? Thanks, Ben