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Friday 21 February 2014

Sunshine and showers

Coming home in the car last night we were lucky enough to see a Barn Owl sitting on a fence post along side the road.

The sun set at 17:28 last night and around 17:45 we wandered down to the woods.

Badgers footprint

The Badgers have been quite busy recently digging and I managed to take this photo of a Badgers footprint in the spoil.

We found a place to sit which is about 1.5 metres off the ground.  We could hear Tawny Owls, mostly the females.
The last song bird to stop singing was the blackbird which stopped at 18:15.
Four minutes later three Badgers came trotting past and disappered into the brambles. Over the next twenty minutes we could hear Foxes chirping and screaming, Dogs barking in the distance and the rumble of aeroplanes overhead.

This morning on our dog walk we saw a lot of birds making the most of the sunshine.

First Blackthorn flowers

We sat and watched a Blue tit going in and out of the hole behind the bark


In the field near the river there were roughly forty Greylag Geese.


  1. Hello Alex, I'm Sally the Local Patch Reporter for Shetland. Your blog is fantastic! I grew up not too far from you and when I read your blog it reminds me of all my childhood wildlife adventures. Brings back lots of happy memories of searching for woodland wildlife. Hope you have a great wildlife year and look forward to more posts.

  2. Thank you Sally, glad you are enjoying it.