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Monday 3 February 2014

First badgers this year

The badgers have been busy, they have dug out 3 holes which are very near to the footpath.

We left the trail camera out about 5.30pm. We could hear the badgers coming out of their sett at about 5.45pm, we couldn't see them as they were behind the brambles.

The trail camera took 33 videos. I think it was all of the same badger, and a few videos of wood mice.

I like this video as you can see the badger trying to get something out from under a log
The badger went off about 8.30pm, then came back around 10pm.
It went off again at 11pm coming back just after midnight.

The badger walked passed the camera at 2.20am.
Finally something knock the camera at 3.30am.
The camera did film a little bit of a badgers back just after the camera was knocked, but nothing else.


  1. Those badger videos are fantastic!

  2. This page is amazing I love the badger videos and the jays. You really have an interesting patch! ( so unfair I've only had three videos of badgers ever!) l'll be following your blog as well.