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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Could this be signs of a water vole?

The catkins are now out in the wood

After school I made some seed cakes to fill up the empty coconut shells for the birds.

We walked down to the woods to see if we could find the patch where we had seen frogs before.

Hopping around just above the stream we found this Common frog

While we were looking under the ferns and leaves for the frogs we came across what looked like a Water Vole latrine.
The poo was about the size of a tic tac and very soft.

A little way from the latrine there was a small hole

Using gloves we discovered the poo was quite squishy and my Dad sniffed it and said it didn't smell.

I think the only way to make sure it is a water vole and not a rat is to try and take a photo or film it.

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