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Monday 10 March 2014

Sunshine over the weekend

There were clear blue skies and sunshine all over the weekend. The temperature got to 17 degrees.

I started the morning off with cleaning out and filling up the bird feeders. We are getting a good variety of birds on the different feeders. 

On one of our dog walks we were looking at footprints in the mud as the puddles were drying out.

These are a rodents footprints like a rat

Roe deer

Muntjac deer

This badger footprint was in a patch of mud about 500m away from the nearest sett, mostly they don't go far but they can travel upto a mile looking for food or if they have been bullied out of their sett.

Over head two Red Kites were circling, we could hear them making a mating call.

A friend of ours told us that they had two muntjac deers visiting their garden. I managed to get some photos and hoping to return to get more when they are asleep under the bushes.

On Sunday we saw lots of butterflies, including three Brimestones, a couple of cabbage whites, peacock butterflies and small tortoiseshell. We also saw a weasel running across the road between the gate ways to the fields but it was too fast to take a photo.

The whole headgerow is covered with Blackthorn blossom

The sunshine really shows up the colours on this starling

There were also a few bumble bees around like this one in my nan's conservatory that we had to let out of the window

Red tailed bumblebee


  1. Great pictures, as usual, Alex. I've seen bumble bees already but not butterflies. It certainly felt like spring this weekend.

  2. Spring has definitely sprung