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Sunday 16 March 2014

Sunny Sunday

Today we went looking for Hares. We found them almost straight away.
The hares were boxing, running, washing and eating until we heard a buzzard call overhead, we looked up and saw four buzzards circling then the hares sprinted away into the hedge.

As it was such a lovely sunny day we decided to go and visit our friends who run the local falconry centre. Once the last display of the day was over and the public started to leave we stayed behind in the flying field because James had once mentioned that the wild Red Kites and Buzzards sometimes come down and savenge for any food left after the display.
Six birds, three Red Kites and three Buzzards turned up overhead almost immediately. While we sat there the birds circled round and round but didn't land. I expect they did as soon as we left.

Over the week we have been watching where we saw signs that we thought might have been a water vole. One day we left the trail camera out for a few hours but although it was triggered once it didn't capture any footage. Nevertheless the apple we left out was completely eaten a few hours later.
I will continue watching over the next few weeks and hopefully see something even if it is a rat and not a water vole.

The banks of the stream now have some colour due to this Lesser Celandine.

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