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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Badgers - closer and closer

We are very lucky to have badgers near to us. Normally we only have a five minute walk down to the badger set. 

Yesterday we came back from a dog walk, went into the garden to clear up the days bits and pieces when we heard some rustling and what sounded like something eating snail shells. We decided to wander down our lane to investigate...
Through the dusk we could see the bottom of the hedge moving and a little black and white face appeared. We ran back to the house, grabbed the trail camera, camera and a handful of peanuts and sat down to wait.
We didn't have to wait long and within a couple of minutes we could see three badgers but could hear more. 
Not wanting to scare them as this is the first time we have seen them so close to our house we took a couple of photos, left the trail camera running for around 10 minutes and then left them alone.