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Friday 26 September 2014

Last couple of weeks

I haven't had a lot of time to do much wildlife watching or blogging over the last couple of weeks because I have start at a new school.

Last week we went on a moth and bat survey in the local wood.
I couldn't stay very long because it was a school night, but we did see this hornet and a sleeping dragonfly.

During the bat survey we listened to 3 different types of bats on a bat detector. I did see some bats early in the evening swooping around in the dusk. I tried to take some photos but the photos were too blurred.
We were told about the different noises they make, including a fast clicking whistle when they have caught something. Another noise when are aware of us underneath them.
The lady doing the survey said she could hear them in a hole in a tree.
There were 3 types of bats that evening, Common Pipistrelle, Noctule and Soprano Pipistrelle.

Where the farmer has been harvesting and then ploughing, there has been lots of birds of prey over the fields. Sometimes there can be over 10 to 20 Red Kites and Buzzards in the air and the trees. The rooks have been trying their hardest to keep them out of the way.
The mornings have been a lot colder, with the fields sometimes covered in mist and cobwebs.
The Kites and Buzzards are flying lower until the air warms up.
From around 4pm in the afternoon the Twany owls have been calling. We have seen a few flying from tree to tree, my aim is to get a photo.

Rook or crow chasing a Kestrel


Hovering Kestrel
Now the crops have been cut the deers are having to find other places to hide. This one has a few scratches under it's eye.

The badgers have been cleaning out their setts.........

and busy eating.

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