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Thursday 11 September 2014


I found this mushroom while out on a walk, it's a Giant puffball. At the moment it's the same size as a football but they can reach to the size of a beachball.

Giant puffball
This week I visited my friends at Fallowfields falconry, I really enjoyed James teaching me how he repairs a birds feathers if they get damaged. He is able to mend the feathers so the bird can fly and then that feather will be moulted out and replace with a new one later.
James showed me some different feathers including a peregrine falcon feather, he pointed out how it was shaped so the bird can fly fast.
Although in returned I raked the gravel around the birds.

The local farmers have been out harvesting over the past week. The Red kites and the Buzzards have been following the tractors. The most I have seen at one time was a mixture of 19 Kites and Buzzards and one Kestrel.

There also has been a lot of Swallows, I think the tractors must be disturbing the flies as they harvest. There must have been about 30 swallows in the air.

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