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Friday 2 January 2015

First blog of 2015 - Badgers


I'd like to kick start the New Year with one of my favourite animals, the badger. For those of you who have been following my blog for nearly two year, you will know that my local patch has several very active badger setts. During this time I have seen the babies playing, the adults mating and fighting and have been lucky enough to have badgers wandering around my feet.
Over the last cold week the badgers haven't been around much, but last night it was much warmer as well as windy and rainy so they badgers were much more active.
The first badgers came out at 5.50pm and hung around the sett for half an hour.

As soon as the badgers went the rats and mice appeared.
One badger came back around 7.30pm and another walked through the sett at 11pm to go down it's tunnel.
Other than that the sett was just occupied by the wood mice and a couple of rats.
The last badger walked through at 2.45am and the camera stopped filming at 7.30am, by which time the badgers weren't back yet or they had entered the sett through another tunnel.
I've been looking at buying a microphone so I can record the sounds the badgers make, especially in the spring and summer when they stay around the sett more.

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