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Friday 16 January 2015

Wet hare and wet hair

As the hail began to come down this poor Hare sat in the middle of the field until it was so heavy it made a run for the shelter of the hedge. 

I've noticed the Rooks have been gathering in the mornings on the wires near my house and today was the first day that they have returned to their nesting site.
I wrote on my blog in August that they were leaving this nesting site for the winter. I don't know where they roost in the winter but the rooks still are around in the fields, they just go somewhere different at night.
Today there were around 40 rooks, a lot of them were flying around the rookery in obvious pairs.
Last year the rookery contained 43 nests.

This Robin was doing a good inpression of a Blue tit after pushing them off the fat balls.

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