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Monday 26 January 2015

New project - Allotment

I know this just looks like a shed in the middle of a field but this is our new project - an allotment.
We have lots of ideas for the allotment that will combine fruit and vegetable growing with being able to encourage nature and lots of wildlife watching.
It already has 6 fruit trees.
After a first look around it seems that there is plenty of wildlife already there.
In the first photo you can just make out the badgers trail leading from the bramble patch, up past the shed.
There was quite a bit of fox droppings and a fox smell coming from under the brambles.

We have been told there are Tawny owls, which we could hear.
The allotment looks out over the field where we normally watch the hares.

My Dad hasn't actually seen the allotment yet and I won't repeat what he said when he saw the photographs!

We are going to spend the next week or so planning what is going to go where, so I hope you are going to follow us on our new adventure.

Something is living under this pile of metal and carpet

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  1. Brilliant new project Alex and great that you've already tracked so much wildlife potential on the site. It looks to be in a very sunny aspect: if you've got room to leave a metal tray or piece of corrugated iron on the ground, you might get reptiles warming themselves under it come the spring. Have fun planning what you're going to do with the plot! xxx