Some of my favourite photos

Sunday 1 February 2015

Odd mixture of things during the week

These two Deers are letting me get closer and closer every day.
They have a routine and I can find them at certain times of the day in certain places. At the moment they are spending the afternoon where they can sit in the sunshine.
I always seem to get a photo of the larger deer licking its's lips, could this mean it's stressed when it sees me? Like a dog, as they like their lips when they are stressed

We have spent quite a bit of time at our new allotment over the weekend and this little Robin has become very friendly and likes to folow us around.
During our time at the allotment I have also seen 2 Red kites circle just overhead hunting for prey, a Green woodpecker which flaps from allotment to allotment in search for food and lots of blackbirds pecking at the fallen apples on the floor in the orchard.
As well as a Buzzard, a kestrel and lots of rooks.
In the field behind the allotment, gulls spent all day flying above the ploughed field in search for food.

The field behind our allotment

These goldfinches visit our garden a couple of times a day, there are normally between 20 and 30 of them. I like how they all face into the wind and puff up their feathers..
They make quite a lot of noise as they settled down in the evening

A large group of Lapwings unexpectied flew over our garden earlier in the week


  1. Wonderful photos, well done! Keep up the great reporting. Goldfinches and lapwings are personal favourites of mine.