Some of my favourite photos

Thursday 19 February 2015

The Outdoor adventure show and half term

Last Saturday we went up to London to The Outdoors adventure and Dive shows at The Excel Centre, London
I got to listen to two professional wildlife photographers talk about their experiences, their jobs and their photography.
Both talks were amazing and very inspirational. It was interesting to hear how they take photos, why they take the photos they take and how to take better photos, as well as their views on the feeding of wild animals and photographing captive animals.
Andrew Parkinson and Neil Aldridge both motivated me to get out more.
I was amazed at how long they spent focusing on one subject where as I take photographs of what I see when I see it, except the badgers, which I do spend time with.
My new task for myself is to spend more time with each animal on my local patch getting to know it better, know more about it's behaviour and habitat so that I can take more interesting photos.

It would take too long to explain all the hints and tips that I learnt during the two talks, some were quite technical and other were simple like wearing dark gloves so that your fingers don't show up against your dark clothes and dark camera and startle the animal or bird.

I would jump at the chance to hear both Neil Aldridge and Andrew Parkinson speak again.

These are some of the photos I have taken during half term.

H3's mate

Roe deer sat on the badger sett.

Me looking out over my patch.

This sort of failed, I wanted to get the plane and goose in the same part of the photo.