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Tuesday 24 February 2015

Birds of prey

At the beginning of February I finally got a picture of the ring on the Buzzards leg that I had been trying to take for ages.
I emailed Euring with the details and I had some information back from BTO today.
H3 was ringed as a nestling on 22nd June 2013 at 16.30 at Hampton Estate, Seale in Surrey.
This means that my local Buzzard has travelled 72km from where it was born.
I have been trying to remember how long this Buzzard has been around my local patch and I am sure it's around 18 months.

It has been very windy in the last few days and I have watching this Kestrel trying to hunt.
It spends about 5 minutes hovering then sits on a fence post for a few minutes before trying again. It has to work hard to stay in the sky against the wind.

 Not a great photo, but after about half an hour the Kestrel actually caught something. It looks like a shrew, vole or mouse.

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