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Friday 13 February 2015

One night in the secret life of badgers

The first badger arrived around 8.00pm and fed alone until about 9pm. This is the one behind the tree. At 9.08pm a badger with a limp turned up. It seems to be stiff on its left hind leg. 
The first badger has a quick go at the second badger, then appears more interested in scratching than chasing it away.

First badger to arrive on the scene

In this second clip the first badger has an accomplice, come from the entrance hole on the left, to see off the badger with the limp. There is quite a stand-off.

This badger with odd marking all over its forehead appeared for a short while. I have seen this badger before further back in the wood and at the time I thought its face was covered in mud, but now I am beginning to think it is its markings.

This is yet another different badger who has a look down the entrance hole only to be scared off, by the two owners.

The badger with only one eye hangs about with the two badgers that come from the hole on the left.

In some of the films my trail camera captured (over 50 of them) there were some lovely scenes of these three badgers mutually grooming each other. They spend ages washing each others backs and head bumping.

The badger that comes across from the right at the end of this clip is definitely feeding some cubs. Have a look at her tummy!

Here they are grooming until one of them scent marks on the other two. Yuck

The patch just to the left of the tree and above the entrance hole was a place that was scent marked at least twenty times during the night, both by passing badgers and the ones that live there.

Scent marking

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