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Sunday 8 February 2015

On the allotment

Took a walk up to the allotment this morning, it was very cold, but the sun was shining.
On the way I saw my first bumble bee of the year. I also saw another one later in the afternoon when we got back home.

There was quite a large group of Yellowhammers in the trees.

Over the field and making quite a lot of noise were around 8 skylarks. They were chasing each other around in pairs. I took about 20 photos, but they are very fast little birds.  Although this photo isn't very clear  I like it because if you look really carefully the bottom bird is upside down and it looks like the top bird has the bottom birds foot in it's beak.

This Red Kite spends a lot of it's time over the allotment, either sitting in a tree watching or circling. I did see it dive down once today. A couple of days ago there were two of them and you could hear them calling their mating call.

The nearby trees are full of these Linnets.

We have a fox on the allotment, a neighbour told us the fox is normally around first thing in the morning.
The trail camera just managed to catch an image of the end of it's tail last night. (left hand side of photo)

It was interesting to see this mole at work. My dad filmed it on his phone.

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