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Friday 6 February 2015

Mission Impossible, not impossible - Buzzard

A while ago I wrote a blog called "Misson Impossible - Buzzard" where I spotted that my local Buzzard has a ring on its leg and I was determined to get close enough to be able to read it.
We have spent the last few months getting to know where this Buzzard and its mate hang out during the day and roost in the evening, where they hunt, where they sit in the sun and where they hide when it is windy. 
Finally whilst on a walk we noticed the Buzzard in a tree eating something. It was so engrossed in eating that it took no notice of us.

After taking some photos we managed to creep closer and get some more.

Can't work out what it is eating, 

After the Buzzard had finished eating it wiped its beak against the tree branch over and over again.

As you can see the ring is green and got H3 on it.
I have reported it to Euring and they replied that they will hopefully be able to give me some information about my local Buzzard.

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