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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Busy week

During the past couple of weeks the Rooks have been moving back into their winter rookery, which is opposite my house. It has been interesting to hear them back on the wires in the morning, to watch their acrobatics and in the evenings they gather in large numbers over the trees before they settle down for the night.
Over the summer the birds of prey have become quite used to the Rooks not being around but now they have returned it seems a constant battle for territory. The Buzzards have moved back a field but I expect they will be back along the roadside when the Fieldfares return.
The three Kestrels are really having a hard time and don't seem to get any time to hunt and the Red Kites are also being picked on, even the jackdaws side with the Rooks.

I did watch a Red Kite, when it wasn't being chased by Rooks, catch what looks like a moth and eat it.
Red Kite with a moth
 I am not really that keen on spiders however my mum doesn't mind them. This female house spider crawled up and down her arm for ages before returning under the TV cupboard.
Female house spider

 On Sunday I met up with four other young naturalists to do a podcast about children and nature for The Wildlife Trust. To start with I was quite nervouse, but Charlie soon put us all at ease. We answered lots of questions about what we thought could be done to encourage more children to enjoy nature.

On Monday evening I went to Oxford Natural History museum to listen to George McGavin do his talk on Monkey Planet. The talk was very engaging, I learnt loads about George himself and how he got in to wildlife and about the series, as well as insights in to how it was filmed, which I found the most interesting bit.
George McGavin is very amusing, interesting and informative, it was one of the best talks I have been to.

Yesterday my copy of the British Wildlife Photography Awards book turned up.
I was told back in the summer that one of my photos had been shortlisted for the book, but until I actually saw it in print yesterday it didn't seem real.

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