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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Secret life of our allotment

Looking at all of the trails, tracks and signs I had an idea that we were getting a few different animals up on our allotment.
Yesterday I left the trail camera up at the allotment for 24 hours to see what happened.

First of all came a Green Woodpecker.
 Next, most of the activity was between 7pm and 9pm where a Hare came through one end of the allotment and hopped towards the other end, then lots of clips of rats and rabbits. It's a good job this part of the allotment only has fruit trees in it.

The rat is trying to carry away an apple.

This rabbit is doing a great impression of a Meerkat

We have definitely got a badger track through our allotment, I can see where the badger comes in from the brambles, walks through our allotment and out in to one of the unattended allotments opposite ours.
It was fantastic to actually get the badger on the trail camera. The first one came through around 2.30am, then another or the same one again at 5.30am.

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