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Sunday 25 October 2015

Evening falls on my local patch

Just after the sun set we took the dogs across the field for their last walk of the day.
As all the Rooks settled into the Rookery and the Greylag geese flew overhead back to Farmoor reservior, a Litttle Owl started to call out of the darkness.
The little owl's call became clearer when I wandered around the bend in the field, leading me to believe the owl was on the fence post in the field of cows.
Once the Little owl fell silent the only sounds left were our wellies squelching through the mud made by todays earlier rain, the dogs rustling through the grass and cars driving up and down a nearby road.

As the season changes and the temperature is dropping, it feels like I need to start wear gloves and a hat.

I'm never sure whether I like the pylons across the valley. They are an interesting and familar sight to me but I often find them annoying when I'm trying to take photos of birds and the wire keep getting in the way.

Lookout on the Rookery
In the distance the blue green glow of the landing lights at RAF Brize Norton mark how far I can see and tiny pinpricks of light show odd houses between the field I'm standing in and the town of Witney.

When heading home bats were swooping around a single oak tree trying to catch moths and the last of the insects, twisting and turning then disappearing back behind the oak tree.

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