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Wednesday 30 July 2014

A day by the river

Yesterday was a sunny day with temperatures around 26 degrees, just perfect for swimming in the river.
As I swam upstream the Swallows flittered downstream tring to catch helpless flies on the waters surface.

As we walk down past the lock we saw three swans, two adults and one cygnet. Unfortunately one of the adults swans had a fishing hook in it's neck. It didn't seem distressed and was eating but when we got home we reported it to the RSPCA.
Swan with a fishing hook in it's neck
 Future downstream we could hear high pitched calling above us. I managed to get this photo of the Peregrine Falcon. It's not very clear.
Peregrine falcon
 Dragonflies, damselflies and Beautiful Demoiselle's perched and fluttered along the riverbank like fairies.
Beautiful Demoiselle

The rooks from our local rookery seem to congregate down by the river, on the wires and in the field.

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