Some of my favourite photos

Saturday 12 July 2014

Badgers on the backfield

My school has recently set up a Forest school area on the back field. Miss Williams, the leader of Forest school, showed me signs of a animal passing through and straight away I knew it was a Badger because of the Badger poo.

It looks like its been coming under the fence from a nearby field.
 Miss Williams asked if I could put my Trail camera down to find what animals were coming into forest school.

 On the first night the camera got knocked over by somthing and filmed the sky. On the second night it picked up a badger.

I showed Miss Willams and she put it up on the whiteboard to show the children, they were extremely happy to know they have got a Badger in the Forest school.    

In the last video the badger is just about to go back under the fence. I would like to follow the trail to find out which sett the badger is coming from.