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Sunday 6 July 2014

Badgers old and new

On Thursday evening my scout group did activites in the wood, rather than walk home with the rest of the group it is easier for me to cut back past the badgers sett. 
My mum and I decided as we were passing to stop for a few minutes.
The ground is really dry and the badgers seem to be digging up bulbs further and further away from their sett.
The weather was quite humid and the mosquitoes were everywhere. Both me and my mum got bitten.

The first few photos are of some young badgers which were quite shy and stayed hidden behind the nettles

Three or four other badgers came as close as normal.

 This ones seems to have a cut between it's eyes.

I also put the trail camera down behind the nettles to see what the young badgers were up to. Unfortunately it was set to take photos not video.

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