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Thursday 31 July 2014

Oxford Natural History museum

Millions of years ago dinosaurs were the wildlife in my local patch. 
A visit to Oxford's Natural History Museum clearly shows where dinosaurs roamed.
At some points in time my patch was underwater and sometimes on very marshy land.
Over the past couple of centuries people have discovered bones that show dinosaurs used to live where we live now. 


The Camptosaurus was a herbovrie, plant eater, that was 20 feet high and could wak on it two back legs but mostly on all fours.
The red dot shows where it was found in oxford.


                   The Megalosaurus was a giant meat eater that would of lived around Oxford.
Stegosaurus bones have been found in Woodeaton and Cetiosaurus bones in Chipping Norton.


 Around 110 million years ago my local patch was swallow sea.

This tooth shows that Pliosaurus swam around in my local patch

During our visit to the museum Ben from 
and I went to look at the Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition. There were some amazing photos.

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