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Sunday 3 August 2014

Swifts at Oxford Natural History Museum

During the week we visited Oxford's Natural History museum. The museum has a tower which is famous for its Swifts.
In the afternoon I tried to take some photos of the swifts, but because the weather was so warm the Swifts were flying very high, too high and too fast to take any photos.
I persuaded my dad to take me back after tea in the early evening.

Swift coming out of one of the nest boxes

As the evening cooled the Swifts started flying lower and lower. I managed to take a few photos.
In the photo above you can just see one of the Swifts coming out of the top, left nest box. Through my camera lens I could see two babies poking their heads out. I took some photos but they were at the end of my cameras lens so blurry

We counted 13 Swifts in total. They spent an hour circling, diving, climbing and gliding on the evening thermals.

They spent a lot of time chasing each other around and around the tree outside the front of the museum. Screaming and performing acrobatics.

Ben and I trying to take photos of the Swifts in the sfternoon

Me sat with my camera outside the museum.

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