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Saturday 16 August 2014

The past few days around my Local patch

Here are a few photos I've taken over the past week.

We had a quick visit to the badgers sett. This photo is of the trees above the sett.

It was quite windy when we visited the badgers, so they seemed nervous and wary of any noise. They are coming out of the setts at around 8.30pm and seem more interested in eating than playing.

With the mixture of sun and showers there has been some amazing patterns in the sky.

With the days shortening the local rooks are back again gathering over my house after the day in the field. This week it has been around 8.45pm just as the sun has set.
The rooks very noisily gather on the pylon and the wires that go over my garden. They spend about 15 minutes jostling for space, knocking each other off and greeting each other.
As it gets darker they quieten down and start preening. Then all of a sudden, in silence, they start leaving in groups of around 8 to 12 rooks, some move down to the next pylon in line, while others head down towards the river.
At the moment they seem to be ignoring the Hengrove rookery where they had their nests.

If you look closely there are jackdaws as well.

View from my bedroom window

The geese are arriving in the field in the evening


2 moths under the window sill

Two peregrine falcons are spending time over my house late afternoon, early evening. I normally hear them before I see them. They are very difficult to take photos of because they are incredibly quick.

Peregrine falcon

One of the many rainbows this week

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