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Friday 22 August 2014

Grasshoppers v crickets - need help identifying

While mum was walking around the field with the dogs this morning, my sister and I took some photos of grasshoppers, crickets and shield bugs.

This is something we know nothing about and the book we have only has two types of cricket in it.

Please can we have some help identifying these insects and answering our questions.

We know that crickets have long antannae and grasshoppers have short.

Which one makes the long constant noise and which one makes the clicking noise?

We are sure we saw one that had blue wings when they were open, but according to our book they are only found on Jersey. What else could it be? (Didn't get a photo)

Thank you


  1. Hi Alex, Great photo's. The Grasshopper photo's are of a Lesser Marsh Grasshopper. The others are male and female Long Winged Coneheads, the one with a black line down it's back is a younger female. The shield bug is a Sloe shield bug but some people know it as a Hairy shieldbug. Keep up the good work, Wayne.

  2. Thank you so much Wayne, none of those were in my little book.
    Were you at the Birdfair last Friday? We saw someone who looked just like your photo


  3. Your welcome! I did go to the bird fair but on the Saturday, so it wasn't me.