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Wednesday 13 August 2014

Windy night and lucky pigeons

Every year the Pigeons build a nest in the Hazel tree behind our garage. This year they came again and the adult has been sitting on the nest for around 3 weeks.

They built the nest about 2.5m off the ground.

Over the last few days I felt quite sorry for the one sitting on the nest in all the wind and rain. This morning I went down the garden and discovered half a white egg on the lawn which I though might belong to the Pigeons.
After checking on them I realised that in the last few days half of the nest has slipped about 1 metre, so half is still between the branches and half is now balancing and jammed between the tree, the wall and the top of an old piece of trellis.

I could see 2 baby Pigeons sat on what is left of the nest. I have checked on the ground and it seems that none have fallen out.
I hope the nest doesn't slip any more and there is enough room for them both as they grow.

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