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Saturday 16 August 2014

Birdfair Rutland

I had a great day at Rutland Birdfair yesturday.
I got to meet lots of people who are an inspiration to me.

The birdfair is field after field of marquees full of stalls selling cameras, birdfood, books, artwork, holidays as well as organisations such as RSPB, BTO and the Butterfly Conservation informing people what they do.

There were lots of things that caught my eye including a camera that records night vision and a close up Bushnell trail camera that Kate Mcrae was telling me about.
In the end I bought a two man chair hide and have put the other stuff on my Christmas list.

Chris Packham

Simon King

Wildlife Kate

Ben and Jo from the BBC Wildlife Magazine team and Billy, another local patch reporter

Me and Harry the Hen Harrier

Chris Packham signing his book

1 comment:

  1. Alex ,
    Great to meet you at BF and my Christmas list has expanded too ! So many neat things . One tip - definitely go for a Spypoint trip camera instead of a Bushnell . I had Bushnells but they were so unreliable that I EBayed the lot and bought Spypoints - much , much better .
    Good luck in the hide !