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Monday 25 August 2014

Fallow deer on my local patch ??

Fallow deer are not something that I have ever seen before on my Local Patch.
 I quite often come across Roe deer who are in the woods behind my house and sometimes I can hear them in the evening trotting down the lane beside my house and barking.
We also get Muntjac, in the fields and even in the front gardens along my street.

It was very exciting to think that Fallow deer could be here too. 
There were 8 deers in total, which came one by one out of the hedgerow.
We have asked around and nobody else has seen Fallow deer around here either. My mum walks the dogs for around 3 hours every day and has never seen a Fallow deer around here even though mum and dad have lived here for over 15 years and my dad was born in the village.
One suggestion was they maybe a group just passing through.
I have looked at the photos and they don't have ear tags so they probably are not an escaped group.

We have been looking yesterday and today to see if they were still around, but with no luck. I thought I might try putting my trail camara down to see if they come back.

I have tried to look up information about Fallow deers on the internet, but the only sites I could find were about shooting them. (Which I don't want to do)

I hope they are here to stay.

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