Some of my favourite photos

Tuesday 19 August 2014


This noisy woodpecker has ben hanging round our garden in the last couple of weeks, I think its a youngster that the adult was feeding in the next doors tree a month or so ago. During the previous months the adults fed on our birdfeeder a lot, but they haven't been around over the school holidays.

At Rutland Birdfair I bought a new hide which I tried out in the field for the first time last night. As well as this hare and geese we saw two badgers, two deers that came quite close to the hide and we heard a male and a female Tawny owl over our head but we could not see them.


  1. This is a male woodpecker... he has a red section on the back of his head, whereas the female does not. The youngsters have a very distinctive red cap, that helps us identify them. Great blog Alex! :o)

  2. Thank you Kate, I think this might be the one that was visiting the birdfeeder a while ago.