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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Cute badger alert

Yesterday evening was one of those evenings where lots of wildlife was out, the weather was windy but the sunshine tried its hardest to stream through any gaps.
We mainly came out to see the Hares and put down the Trail camera to see if the baby Badgers had come out yet.
The Hares were very active and out in the open, we mananged to see 4 of them, dashing and chasing each other around in circles. When they spotted us all the action stopped and they dropped down before sprinting off into the distance. One of them had an half closed eye and I wondered whether it was the one from last year whose eye was closed all the summer.

After laying the Trail camera down we were just heading home when this cute face poked out of the ground, I think this Badger is a cub because of how fluffy it is. I found it so adorable that I had to get some snaps.    

Earlier in the day, whilst doing my maths homework, these two birds apperaed. I've not seen a Black cap so close to my garden before and it was quite distracting while I was working because it kept doing its alarm call at me.

Long-Tailed Tit

I think this is a Blackcap

In the morning my dad picked up the Trail camera, I was very pleased to see a Fox, and although I was happy to see 6 badgers together I didn't like watching all the squabbling.
They seemed very unsettled but according to the time on the camera, by 9.30pm, they had all gone off away from the sett.
 When I saw the Fox video I was amazed because it was not exactly what I expecting to see in the badgers sett.

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  1. Brilliant photos and well done on the badger footage! I love the badger in the bluebells.