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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Easter holidays Part 2 - Sea Otters at Monterey Bay, California.

Part Two of my holiday we arrived in Monterey Bay and stayed in a house right on the beach.
I was really looking forward to seeing the Sea Otters, of which there are meant to be around 3000 in California.
Whilst looking from the Fishermans Wharf by the harbour I spotted one next to this sign, it has wrapped itself up in some kelp, this stops them floating away.

This Sea Otter was in the surf near the Harbour entrance in Moss Landing. They hunt and take food from under the water and come back to the surface to eat.

I also saw this one banging a clam against a metal pole to try and open the it. Sea otters are one of the few mammals to use tools other than primates. They also use their tummy like a dinner plate.
The best thing I found out about Sea Otters is that they have pockets! Small flaps of skin under their front legs where they can put food while they search for more.

Looks like this one is eating a crab

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