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Sunday 26 April 2015

Witney Lakes

This morning we had to take my sister over to a St George's parade, so we had two hours to find something to do in. 
My mum remembered a lake at the back of a trading estate from when she used to live in Witney.
It didn't look promising at first. We walked past a trading estate and under the main road using an underpass which was full of graffiti and rubbish, but once we came out the other side we were faced with a beautiful lake and lots of wildlife.
As well as the photos below, we saw two Kingfishers, loads of Long tailed tits, coal tits and black caps. Plus lots of baby ducks.
Along the stream that ran along side the lake, we saw many holes and runs in the undergrowth which looked a lot like Water vole holes.
Can't wait to go back another day.

Swan getting angry at a passing dog.

Nesting Great Crested Grebe

Little Egret

Chiffchaff - I think

Nesting swans

There were 3 Robin's strutting about and flying at each other

Swan pecking a willow leaves


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