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Sunday 19 April 2015

Easter holidays - part 4 - Birds of Monterey

We saw a huge amount of different birds while on holiday, some are very similar to the ones we get in the UK, others are native to the USA. Some of them I didn't get the name of, so if you know please comment and I'll edit the blog as I find out. (Also if I have got them wrong)
One my favourite was a hummingbird. I didn't get a photo and I don't know which one it was except it was blue/green. We were in Universal Studios in Los Angeles just going up a slope of the Jurassic park ride and the Hummingbird was feeding on some flowers, it then flew right over our heads while we were on the ride.
Here are a few of the birds I saw.

Brown Pelican
Brown Pelican
Brown pelican

Cormorant - There are 3 types of Cormorant in this area.

It interests me how birds and animals use man made structures - every bridge on the road from Monterey to Los Angeles had a group of nests under it.

Brewer's Blackbird

Red shouldered hawk

House Finch

Not sure what this is.


Marbled Godwit - similar to the bird above but with a straight beak

The effects of plastic in the ocean

Possibly Western Gulls


Snowy Plover

Both these birds feed at the water's edge, running up the beach everytime a wave comes in.

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