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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Easter Holidays - Part 1, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Over the Easter hoildays we went on a 1000 mile road trip around Western America, starting at Las Vegas for my Uncle's wedding. 
In las Vegas we saw hardly any wildlife except the Great tailed Grackle which seemed to be in every tree making a huge range of different noises. They are called New World Blackbirds and a group of them is called 'an annoyance' because of the amount of noise they make. They are known to hang around hotels and are seen as a pest, but I think they have beautiful eyes and blue black feathers.

Great tailed Grackle

We had the amazing trip booked to fly over the Grand Canyon. 
When we took off I was slightly nevous because the helicopter was shaking. 
After a while of flying we could see some boats that look like the size of ants then I realised how high up I was. 
It was really difficult to take in the scale of the canyon and it was interesting to hear from the pilot about the Indians that own the land.
When we landed we got to walk on the Sky walk, a glass walkway above the canyon which gave us chance to look down and see how far it was - Scary

Getting ready to take off in the helicopter

Me and my family on the sky walk

Flying over The Grand canyon
The 500 mile drive from Las Vegas to Monterey Bay on the West coast took us over 8 hours.
At one rest stop we had an opportunity to look around and see what animals live in the desert.
The ranger showed us where to watch Rattle snakes and told us that there were Coyotes living in the area, that got me excited. He had some photos on his phone of the Coyotes around the toilet block.
Whilst looking we spotted a lizard, we didn't see any snakes even though it was 95 degrees.

Toilet break

I think this is a Western Fence lizard

   Just like at home the carpark was full of crows. The rangers said these birds are a pest to everyone as they empty the rubbish bins.

                                                 On the side of the toilet was this sign. I like the last sentence!

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