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Sunday 17 May 2015

Around the garden over the weekend

There is a family of Jackdaws in our neighbours chimmey pot. Now the young have fledged we often get 3 or 4 Jackdaws on the feeders at a time.
There has been an ongoing battle between the Jackdaw parents and the pigeon parents about who has control of the feeder.

I took this photo of the two baby pigeons on Friday afternoon, unfortunately when I went down the garden this morning one pigeon was gone completely and the remains of the other one was in the flower bed.
I am quite annoyed as I have been following these since the parents started to build the nest, through the eggs being laid and the babies hatching.

Can anyone answer this question - Do the same pigeons come back to the same tree every year?

This is the third year we have had pigeons nest in the garden, I wondered if it's the same ones.

The poor parents are just sitting on the fence now.

I put the trail camera down to see if whoever took the pigeons would come back for the remains.
The camera took a lot of films with two main suspects, a Magpie and a Crow.
The crow is the same one that hangs around the garden most afternoons.
I have choosen the least gory.

Don't watch the films if you are squeamish

Silver Y moth

One a happy note, over the last week we have a new family of sparrows in the garden. Mum says she hasn't seen any sparrows in our garden for over 10 years.
They make a lot of noise.

A Raven flew over the garden yesterday afternoon, I only looked up because I heard it calling


  1. What trail camera do you use? I am thinking of buying one (possible a Little Acorn 5210A) but was wondering if you had any recommendations.

  2. Hi, The Little Acorn 5210A is the one I have, there are better but more expensive ones, but I'm happy with this one for the moment.

  3. Sad about the baby pigeons. It's always hard not to get emotionally attached to your back garden babies!
    Good news about the sparrows though. They're a big favourite in our house, but you're right they do make a lot of noise. They seem to have crazy moments where they all get over excited and then the noise is deafening.

  4. Bug Mad Girl, GOOD NEWS - mum found the missing baby pigeon hiding under a rose bush, it seemed unharmed.

  5. Oh that's great news - I'm sure it's mum and dad will keep a good eye on it.

  6. Put it back in the nest and it survived last night. This morning one of the parents is sat on the nest with it.